You can’t be magnetic if you are needy

One of the basic principles taught right in the beginning of the 10 Steps of Inner Power is that you won’t be magnetic (or develop inner power) if you are “needy”.It seems obvious right?

In fact, when you read this, most likely you thought: “I know that! Glad I don’t need it”

In my experience, very few people will ever admit they are needy or even consider thinking this about themselves. It’s one of those things most people just assumes they are not.

Yet, the neediness can be there… and is more common than you think. Who know, maybe it’s even in you.

It may take several forms.

It may not be exactly that concept of the needy person always bugging others to do stuff for him or her.

It can be a subtle neediness. And this subtle neediness may be jeopardizing your success with personal magnetism.

For example, merely putting too much hope that some exercise or training work is a form of neediness. You’ll be very dependent upon its results. As if: “if this doesn’t work, I don’t know what else to do”. Wrong mindset. It’s not a magnetic mindset. It’s a mindset that sets yourself to failure.

And this affects everything you say and do.

It doesn’t matter which technique you use, if this mindset is not there. It doesn’t matter which technique I teach you – it could be the most advanced magnetic technique – but if this mindset is not there, you won’t succeed with it.

While those with this inner power mindset will succeed even with the weakest of the techniques.

A magnetic mindset is one that stand on its own. Whether you get that job or not, you’ll still have your inner power. Whether you succeed in this project or not, you’ll still be magnetic. Your identity, self-esteem, self-confidence is not dependent upon these external results.

Someone who trains these foundations and develop this great inner power, can work with whatever technique they are taught in energy, magnetism, sexual magnetism, magnetic gaze, etc. Even the most basic ones or simply using their own intention.

That’s how important inner power is.

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