Can’t project sexual energy? Know why and how to fix it

Sexual energy is only as useful as your ability to project it.If you can’t project sexual energy, or, if you don’t allow your sexual energy to externalize, then no one else is able to feel it. Even if you can!

Where most people go wrong when learning sexual magnetism and developing sexual energy is in blocking its projection.

You may feel a lot of energy bubbling up inside of yourself, but, if you are blocking it from projecting, nothing can come out.

It’s as if you are keeping this energy captive.

You may work your way to develop it… but then you keep it stuck inside of yourself.

This happens mostly on an unconscious level. It’s not like you are consciously trying to keep this energy inside, but for some reason, you are blocking it or repressing it.

You know if you are blocking sexual energy if one, or more, of these events happens:

– You receive no sexual attraction from others. You can even create emotional connection, but no sexuality can come forward. (If you never had one night stands, then this might be a culprit!)

– If you are already trained in being aware of sexual energy, you don’t feel it when you are in interactions.

– You actually feel yourself being stuck when interacting sexually with someone.

While we work this in our programs, you still have to take the tools and awareness you receive, and work on your own particular blocks.

The best way to discover them is being especially aware of blocks during the actual interactions.

They can happen as:

– Somatic blocks: which you feel in your body. Some area of your body is congested and tense when it should free and released.

– Psychological blocks: which you feel in your mind. They tend to manifest as getting frequently lost for words or not knowing what to say.

– Energy blocks: which you feel in your energy, or it can also be an absence of feeling of sexual energy (which is the most prevalent issue). In other words, you can’t feel sexual energy in an interaction but you can easily feel it when you are alone.

What usually happen is a combination of all of these, where one is most prevalent.

As you work with dissolving them, the issues clear and sexual energy can finally shine inside and outside of you!

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