Introduction to Charisma & Inner Power

Introduction to Charisma & Inner Power

  This course is designed to give you a brief overview about Charisma, Personal Magnetism and some of the Charisma School methods. We start with an introduction to Charisma and it's main characteristics. Followed by a deepening of the Inner Power concenpt and how...

Week 4 – Introduction to Charisma & Inner Power

Now you know a little bit more about Charisma, Inner Power and the Charisma School framework, about our method and the principles we are run. And now it’s time to understand our technology and most importantly how can you take it and use it to your life with specific...

Week 3 – Introduction to Charisma & Inner Power

On the first Lesson we talked about charisma, on the second Lesson you were introduced to Inner Power. Now it’s time to really understand our framework, our techniques, our culture, our principles, what method we use to reach the goal that we propose to reach: to...

Week 2 – Introduction to Charisma & Inner Power

 On the previous video you discovered many of the benefits that Charisma can bring to your life, you also discovered that Charisma is not something that either you were born with or you'll never have it in your lifetime, you can actually develop it and train it... you...

Week 1 – Introduction to Charisma & Inner Power

This first lesson explains everything you wanted to know about Charisma.  It's a complete introduction to Charisma & Inner Power as we see it. Many things are explained on the videos and others will be dealt with more depth, or with different words and examples by...

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