Celibacy and Personal Magnetism

Here’s an interesting question from a Charisma School student:

“Why do many occult teachings and East Indian yogi’s say celibacy is a complete must? They make it seem like you can’t have power without losing your sperm.”

This is something that must be cleared.

First of all, if you are reading this, most likely you are not interested in a fully spiritual kind of lifestyle. Most of us are not interested in being monks and devoting ourselves to the divine to the exclusion of everything else.

And while “enlightenment” always seems an appealing achievement and an ego boost (oh the irony!), that’s, most likely, not your main goal. At least not in this phase of your life.

The goal we’ve placed for Charisma School is to be a top magnetic person in the real world. Regardless of where you are or what you do for a living, you can certainly benefit in improving your magnetism.

Yet, if you needed celibacy to achieve this magnetism, I doubt many people would want it. For sure, I wouldn’t have pursued this road. The same with my teachers.

So, to achieve a good and solid personal or sexual magnetism, celibacy is not a requirement. I – and many others – achieved it without being celibate.

Do sex (especially ejaculation for men) affect your energy? Yes, no doubt. Just like many other things which are fairly common like alcohol, eating too much, certain foods, etc.

So is sex relevant for personal magnetism? Not if it’s in moderation. Probably if you’re having sex marathons everyday it won’t be very good for you.

Although students tend to constantly ask the question of sex, the truth is that, most likely, you have a lot more important drainages of your energy than sex. An uncontrolled, nervous or negative mind can drain your energy much faster and with more impact to your personal magnetism than a sex marathon.

(Addiction to sex is a different aspect. Like all addictions, it should be brought under your conscious control)

With that said, in certain exercises and trainings, a limit to your ejaculation is needed so you can better feel the energy inside of you. (a limit… not an elimination). But this is done in a context of a specific training for a specific purpose. Afterward, no limit is imposed.

If you were a yogi or a monk devoted to a spiritual lifestyle, then you would need all the energy you can get to achieve your spiritual purpose. Which would include celibacy.

Although the energy spent in sex is much less than the energy spent in interpersonal relationships that lead to sex.

That’s why oriental teachings also recommend isolation and refraining from frivolous social encounters, among many other recommendations which would not be applicable to anyone wanting to live in the modern world.

Fortunately, not many of us want to be monks.

The truth is, if you are not yet magnetic, the odds that it’s related to your sexual activity are very slim.

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