Change your energy, change your life

Manifestation is far more than attracting a bag of money to travel somewhere or to get a new car.

It’s a precise way to engineer the life you want to get.

You can get that bag of money but go broke anyway in a few months or years.

While when you engineer your own energy and internal life, then you will keep yourself in that same energy, and attracting the same type of events.

This is easy to understand.

Think about it… most likely your life has been kept in a certain way for a while now. Maybe it’s stagnant or maybe it’s even in constant change (which means that a permanent change is your own internal state).

You are relating to people the same way you always did.

You are attracting the same type of people and events to your life.

People can change, but the energy of those you attract is kept constant.

Maybe this is a good thing for you. Maybe you are happy with the life you are now leading and the person and events you are attracting.

If that’s the case, then you won’t need to change anything.

But if you constantly live in a place where you don’t want to be, or you want to get to the next level, then something inside of you must change.

Your energy, behaviors and your own internal states are the only thing that you can control in your life, and they are also what control what you’ll attract to your life.

Change your energy and you will change your life.

This is the most fundamental concept of the manifestation. If you understand that you will be able to engineer your life the way you want it to become.

That’s precisely what we teach in Magnetic Manifestation.

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