Changing and transmuting energies

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Is it possible to change my energy from one specific form to another instantly, if I have mastered both of them?
For example, from sexual energy to spiritual energy.”

Considering you already trained both energies, it’s possible to also train to instantly switch from one to the other.

Think of energies as radio stations. They are always there and they are always emitting. It’s up to you to sync in that station.

In other words, you have different types of energies inside of you, your focus determines the one you are working with.

You can instantly switch your focus and start increasing a different energy than the previous one.

But just like radio stations, one of them can be stronger than another at any given moment and it would be a lot easily felt – and, hence, used – than any other.

For example, you can be in the middle of some flirting and your sexual energy is definitely stronger and easily felt. You could switch it to tension energy (and hence, focusing on your tension energy) if you want… but, it wouldn’t be so easy since sexual energy would be a lot stronger at that moment – so it would require a higher ability of energy awareness and concentration, particularly because you would be in the middle of an interaction.

So it’s best to think about your reasons for this switch of focus of the stronger to another. It’s important that you understand WHY you want to do it, and train accordingly.

The most adequate example would be to switch from any overactive type of energy – which is leading to anxiety – to any calm and relaxed one.

This could be a more worthwhile training.

But you do need to be aware that “switching” is different than transmutation of the energy.

When I am referring to “switching”, I am referring to a change of focus. Your attention shifts from energy to any other and hence, this other energy will grow inside of you (as the age old mantra says: energy flows where attention goes) and the other will be reduced.

When we refer to transmutation, it’s related to actually using that energy to a different purpose. As in your example, your sexual energy could be TRANSMUTED to a spiritual higher purpose, so this specific energy would be used for that purpose, increasing it tenfold.

In switching, one energy will simply be reduced, while another increased. It’s a movement of awareness and a type of balancing out; while in transmutation it’s exponentiating. You are increasing the amount of energy in your system for one specific purpose and giving it a different quality.

I hope this post is not too technical and to have made it clear! If you want to understand this in practical terms, and correctly use the energies of your system, start with the Vitality and Energy Training.

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