Changing your past conditionings

What you are doing overall with the magnetic training is letting go of past previous conditionings. You have a general way and feeling to be with people, to go on a date, to speak and move… and the goal of the magnetic training is to change this conditioning.

Why change it?

Well, to optimize it to the results you want to get.

If you’re not magnetic or charismatic now it’s due to your past conditionings.

Something needs to change.

You can’t just keep doing everything you’ve always done, otherwise you’ll keep getting the results you’ve always gotten.

In other words, your past conditionings need to change. The different ways you interact, move, speak, gaze and so forth need a new energy.

And this is hard.

You’ve been doing something your whole life and now, you need to do it differently. That’s not easy.

Believe me I know.

Changing the way you speak and the energy that is circulating in your body requires dedication and hard work. But it surely pays off once you change it.

Then it becomes the “new normal”. It becomes effortless and natural.

But there will be an uncomfortable period. A time that requires conscious thought and effort.

There’s no running around this. But it’s part of it, and I consider a great learning experience about the way we truly function inside, our energy and how we relate with others.

Changing your past conditionings, and most importantly, learning HOW to change it to whatever you see fit is the work we do here.

Start your magnetic journey with the training:
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