Charisma and Magnetism in Everyday Life

How you act on your everyday life determines your amount of charisma and magnetism.It’s not about how you elicit emotions in a prepared and staged speech. That is only an illusionary magnetism. A charisma which only exists in a certain place and time and not a charisma that lives with you.

The true charisma and magnetism is seen on the actions and your relationships in everyday life.

The “staged charisma” of public speaking can be easily practiced. But the charisma of everyday life is completely different.

So how you act on your everyday life determines your level of charisma.

If you’re always doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same results. This sentence has been regurgitated everywhere like a mantra, but how often have you really considered its deep effects on your own everyday life?

This means that your reactions to the events and other people must be (sometimes completely) different in order to change your level of magnetism and charisma.

More concretely with a few examples:

– If you run away from conflict, maybe you can face it.

– If you’re relationships lack the enthusiasm, maybe you can add more magnetism into them

– If you’re constantly in a passive zombie state, maybe you should put an effort to change this state.

– And many others!

Taking these kind of actions CONSISTENTLY won’t be easy since they go against the habitual patterns you had all your life. But they are necessary to break the chains of your previous non-magnetic life.

This is probably the hardest thing you’ll have to do – being conscious of your everyday mental states and overall actions – but in the end it’s well worth it. You just find yourself being more active, more magnetic, more enthusiastic about life!

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