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Here’s a question about the development of charisma:

“We’ve all witnessed charisma at work yet, no one truly articulates its importance, and the school’s negligence of this vital trait is not helping either. It simply doesn’t feature in most of our leadership courses even, and ignored in comparison to ‘hard’ skills such as self-discipline and team goal-setting. Why does this happen?”

Indeed one of two things happen:

Either Charisma is not featured in the current leadership courses OR it’s featured badly with advices on how to
smile more, establish eye contact and have a firm handshake.

Which as we all know, it’s far from developing true Charisma.

Charisma doesn’t have a stronger presence in these courses for three reasons:

1) They haven’t really understood it; or at least they can’t create a method that can transform a non-charismatic person to a charismatic individual.

For that, they would need out of the box thinking and different ways of understanding and seeing the human being.

2) Charisma is a human systemic trait; meaning, they won’t find their “cause” in one thing or in one set of behaviors. It’s found in a combination of factors and developments, which developed together as a system, can generate charisma.

3) And what is not talked about – especially in speaking or leadership courses courses- is that being charismatic
is something that accompanies you in your whole life and not just on stage.

To truly be a charismatic individual, you need changes in your whole personality, which doesn’t sell that well in public speaking or leadership training.

The truth is, true charisma is not easy to develop. It’s a hard endeavor regardless of what everyone else will lead you to believe.

That’s why we create many different courses. Each of them has a specific development and move you forward to your charismatic goal.

You can start with our two foundational courses:

10 Steps to Inner Power

Personal Magnetism

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