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Here’s a question that might be useful to differentiate between the different courses:

“I want ask about the nature of inner power & confidence course, you know,the duration, and how many session
daily, what is the difference between it and the sexual magnetism”

While the Sexual Magnetism is focusing more on the development of your Sexual Energy and develop an effortless attraction with the opposite sex, the 10 Steps to Inner Power is a more general inner power course that focus on the relationships with others (becoming a natural leader, more assertive) and your own personal power.

They are distinct courses, both with different goals.

In short, the SM only for sexual energy and women attraction and the 10 Steps for your own personal power and general human relations. Finding your Inner Power is the true goal of the 10 Steps.

The 10 Steps is also different in the sense of the practice sessions. Unlike the other charisma courses, the 10 Steps has very few “home alone” exercises.

Most of the exercises are to be done while you’re out during your day and in contact with other people, so you don’t need much time in your day.

As for how long it takes, it’s really up to you and the amount of focus and energy you put into it.

I’ve had people finishing it in 10 weeks while others take their time to make sure they really get each step and finish on a longer time frame.

After you already have a good experience and understanding with Inner Power, you can move on to our Personal Magnetism training that is designed to take the benefits from the 10 Steps and move it a step further!

The Personal Magnetism training course teaches you to project the energy outward into the world and into your relationships. It gives you a full range of  Personal Magnetism by training your magnetic voice, touch, presence and so on!

The courses are available here:

10 Steps to Inner Power

Personal Magnetism

Sexual Magnetism


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