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I’ve had a comment from a reader that might be of interest to you. He said:“your courses seem interesting, but also not cheap. You can get books teaching this stuff much cheaply”

And he is right on some account. But isn’t this the same with all topics and human knowledge?

You can also build your own furniture, grow your own vegetables or fruits and kill a cow each time you want an hamburger. It’s all great. But takes a big chunk of time and effort as opposed to going to the supermarket or the grocery store.

You can also take a 4 years college course in chemical engineering, or you can just get the bibliography, read the books and do everything yourself.

Maybe for some people this works, but for the vast majority, they end up getting lost, taking a huge amount of time, without any kind of concrete results to show for.

What you get in the courses is a structured way of learning this material AND, most importantly, the support that comes along with it. It’s not enough to get the college curriculum and exercises if you don’t have a teacher to adapt the information for your own specific needs.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to adapt the Charisma School courses to the students. On many cases, some exercises should be increased, others reduced, and some added to get the results.

There were cases that people were having few results, until some crucial change was made in one or two
exercises. As always, one size doesn’t fit all.

It’s not just the content or videos for you to consume the information, it’s the support that comes along with it. If you just want content, read the bibliography, it’s all there and much more detailed.

But if you want true inner power or a magnetic gaze or sexual magnetism, you need not only the content, but most importantly, the “doing” with help from someone who went through the same path as you are now and can adjust the exercises and curriculum to your specific needs.

I was also taught in a close relationship with my teachers. And that’s the only way to truly get it!

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