Common manifestation misconceptions

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“What are some of the common misconceptions that people today believe regarding manifestation?”

People believe changing their own thoughts is the only way to manifest something your want into your life.

But this is nothing more than the very basic. It’s the most superficial level.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s of course important, but it’s the A-B-C of change and manifesting.

In fact, this is part of the very first lesson of the 10 Steps to Inner Power course, which is an early requirement for Magnetic Manifestation training.

There’s so much more to build on top of it.

Just changing your thoughts it’s often not enough to change your energy, simply because the thought comes AFTER the feeling.

First you feel in your body and energy, only then the thought comes. So when you change only the thought, you are only working on this superficial layer.

It’s true that it’s a necessary layer to work with, but it doesn’t stop there. It STARTS there.

Another misconception is that you don’t need to do anything and things or events will simply fall into your lap.

I wish that would be the case.

I really wish I could simply meditate or do some energy exercise and without leaving my home, somehow a Ferrari would pop up on my doorstep and my bank account now had a few extra million.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy.

Think of manifestation as turning the roulette odds in your favor… but you still need to show up at the casino and put your chips in play. Regardless of the roulette odds if you don’t go there and bet, nothing will happen.

You still need to take action and take chances. It will never be a sure thing, nor the Ferrari will simply pop in doorstep.

You need to give the universe a chance to give you what you want. And you are surely reducing your chances if you simply stay put at home doing nothing.

And remember that with any manifestation, you can still lose. You just have much better chances. Instead of the odds being in favor of the casino, you now have the odds in your favor.

That’s often hard to grasp. So why are you doing this manifestation work if you can still lose or risk nothing happening?

Would you prefer to play in a roulette that has 30 to 1 chance of you winning? Or to play in one where you have 3 to 1 chance of winning?

I believe the answer is obvious.

With manifestation you are stacking the game in your favor. That’s what you do in the Magnetic Manifestation training.

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