Computer Use and the Magnetic Gaze

Here’s an interesting question from a reader regarding the Magnetic Gaze:“I want to ask if i use computer for many hours (17 hrs), will it affect on magnetic gaze?”

As you can imagine, staring at a screen for 17h a day is not the healthiest thing you can do for your eyes.

And if it jeopardizes your eye health, then the Magnetic Gaze will also suffer with it.

Does it stop you from getting a Magnetic Gaze?


But it requires some adaptation.

The first point for thinking is: 17 hours a day – if it’s a consistent daily activity – is pretty much your whole life. What’s the point of developing a Magnetic Gaze then?

Sorry to break it down but you can’t influence your computer with the Magnetic Gaze 🙂

The MG requires people. You can’t have a powerful gaze without regular contact with others. And there’s no point in it.

As I keep on saying: it’s very easy to be mighty and powerful when we are in the comfort of our own room. It’s much harder when we’re around others. There’s much more barriers and obstacles to overcome.

The second point for thinking is: since your eyes will tend to be in the same mode of functioning the whole day, you need much more frequent breaks and more frequent exercises so your eyes can use different muscles.

The different gaze types exercises from the Magnetic Gaze Foundations course have now a much bigger importance, not only to develop a powerful gaze but also to keep your eyes healthy despite such a strain.

Start your learning experience of the Magnetic Gaze with Level 1 Foundations:

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