Concentration and Mental Control

Here’s an interesting question from a Magnetic Gaze student:

“When you develop concentration, is that a by product of mental control?”

When you increase your mental control, whether by increasing your inner power with the 10 Steps or by some kind of energy training like the Sexual Energy Mastery, you inevitably increase your levels of concentration.

After all, in its essence, what you’re doing in all these mental control practices is removing the unnecessary and unhelpful thoughts from your mind, and having new more helpful and magnetic thoughts.

In other words, focusing on what matters, hence, also developing, in a certain degree, your concentration.

It can sure help in your daily life when you need to focus on other matters as well. It has a transfer effect to other activities in your life.

BUT… not so fast…

You develop a certain degree of concentration, yet for a deeper work and the overall increase of your mental capacity, you surely need objective practices for it.

A deep concentration, focus and improvement of your own mental capacity requires you to go a step further.

Special practices and exercises are necessary for that. Only with these practices you can analyze your own mental capacity, understand your weak spots, and work with them in order to improve them.

With “merely” the mental control increases, it’s hard to work so deep down on the ladder. But you need to start somewhere!

Start the magnetism journey with the training course 10 Steps to Inner Power:

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