Here’s a question from a reader of this newsletter:“Do you need concentration for sexual energy?”

As I’ve written many times before, concentration is a great tool to have in your life since it can be used for all kinds of situations and scenarios and it’s probably one of the most important developments you can have for yourself to have a great life and a good personal magnetism!

With that said, you don’t exactly need a big amount of one pointed concentration to develop sexual energy.

While concentration increases personal magnetism and tension energy, sexual energy works in a slightly different way.

It requires different training exercises and different conditions for its development.

This is a “softer” energy. By all means, it’s not less intense.

It’s just a different level of intensity.

While tension energy requires one pointed concentration, sexual energy is more about the mindful aspect of concentration where you allow it to flow all over your body.

Neither one of them is better than another and having this kind of flexibility in working with different types of energy brings more power to you since you end up developing different aspects of your mind and energy body.

So they are not incompatible, quite the opposite. With time and training you can choose the right energy for the right job and can switch its projection based on what you want to accomplish!

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