Concentration as a real life skill

You can notice that concentration is a real skill in your life when you can use it in your daily tasks and goals.

When you can focus, in an undisturbed way, in what you do in your life, then you know concentration is a skill you have.

Particularly, when you can decide a path and you can follow that path without deviating and without distractions.

This is when concentration is important.

It’s very easy to deviate from your path, to be distracted from what you need to do.

And this can be major distractions: as in constantly shifting life/career/social paths;

or minor distractions: like browsing youtube or watching netflix when you should be working.

Both of them are concentration (and also Will) problems.

If you’re thinking that progress in your concentration skills is only doing better at some exercise, you are missing the important point.

The key is using the concentration skills that you train in the exercises during your daily life. It’s treating your daily life (and your daily tasks) as if it’s a concentration exercise and heavily focus on it without deviations and distractions.

It’s not just focusing for 20minutes and the morning and that’s it.

No, quite the contrary.

Use that skill in your tasks. When you sit down to write an email, to write your book, to do some work, treat it like a concentration exercise and use the same skills you develop during your concentration practice.

Only this way the exercises will be useful for you.

It’s very common to do the concentration exercises as some sort of chore in the morning, then go have your life as if everything is already done and you won’t have to think about that “concentration” stuff any more.

No. You use the focused energy you generate in the morning, as well as the learned focus, to better perform in your daily life.

But the focus continues each time you do a task. And this can be both in work related tasks as well as family/social related activities.

If you are spending time with your family or friends, then you use your focus and concentration ability to tune out everything else and only focus on that. If you are speaking with your wife or girlfriend, you are not thinking about work at the same time.

The key takeaway is for you to use the concentration skills during your life, not just in a 20 minutes period in the morning.

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