concentration as the root of higher abilities

Bruce Lee said that “concentration is the root of all the higher abilities in man”.

And he is completely right.

Whenever you want to do in life you need this ability to focus.

And this is getting harder and harder to come by.

Our society and technology are certainly making this harder than it is.

The endless scrooling, infinite notifications, millions of new pieces of content every day… our ability to focus is put to the test on a daily basis.

I’m ruthless with technology. I disabled 99% of all the cell phone app notifications, barely have any social media, and select very well what I read/watch online.

I unsubscribe whatever doesn’t bring me value. In fact, I encourage you do the same – including with my emails. Feel free to unsubscribe if you’re not receiving any value from them.

The focus is crucial to achieve something in life.

And it may seem a small step to reduce the role of internet, technology, cell phones and social media in your life but it’s an important step to have. Focus on what you truly want to achieve and discard the superfluous.

Of course, you may say that X and Y are important for you or your work. And that’s ok. Keep what’s important, discard the rest.

The goal is for you to be brutally honest on the way you are managing your focus and concentration.

Maybe the news about a topic are important for you, but do you really need to read them 10 times per day? Maybe once per day is enough.

Maybe the notifications from some social media account are important for your work, but is this only for work? Have you disabled the other ones that are for entertainment purposes only?

Maybe you want to keep in touch with your friends in social media. And that’s a perfectly good thing. But maybe you can disable the notifications/sounds/vibration whenever you are working or studying or focusing on an important topic.

The relevant aspect on all this is to have an environment where you can be concentrated. You can’t have an hour of full undisturbed concentration with your cell phone ringing or vibrating or blinking 20x on that hour. So your concentration skills will suffer.

Your mind will get used to be distracted and looking for distractions every 5 minutes instead of developing this undisturbed focus.

Later on, doing a training such as the Concentration and Mind Control course will amplify this concentration power, but for now, “simple” things like these ones are a great start!

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