Concentration as the root of higher abilities

Bruce Lee said: “Concentration is the root of all the higher abilities in man”.

We also have the writer Ralph Waldo Emerson saying: “concentration is the secret of strength”.

And these are two quotes I highly agree with.

Full one pointed concentration is often overlooked in our age of distractions and notifications.

Every 5 minutes something rings in your phone or computer. Whether a new email, or a new message, or a facebook notification. And we are so used to checking it that we stop what we doing – even if it’s only for a couple of seconds – to check that notification.

But this tiny break it’s enough to break your concentration in whatever you are doing.

Full one pointed concentration in what you are doing is paramount to a successful life… regardless if it’s writing your next novel, or coding the software for your startup, or work that needs to be done, or even a “simple” interaction with a friend.

Our mind is a creature of habit. If your focus is constantly being interrupted, then it gets trained in interruptions instead of continuous focus.

It becomes impossibly hard to maintain a steady focus and develop other higher abilities as Bruce Lee pointed out. And remember that he’s saying this BEFORE the modern age of smart phones and infinite notifications.

If he was living now, I’m sure he would stress out the importance of concentration even more!

That’s why a training in concentration is very much relevant in our modern age. But of course that whatever exercises you decide to do must be accompanied by a lifestyle change, or a mental training during your day.

It’s not enough to simply do a 20 minute exercise in the morning if during the rest of your day you are constantly being interrupted by your cell phone, coworkers or whatever those interruptions are.

And I understand that you’re busy, your life is different, your work needs you and so forth. But this is simply the reality of what our mind experiences.

A 20m exercise in the morning would not work out very well if at least a large part of the other 23h40m of the day your mind is not trained to focus.

Concentration training goes further than the exercises. The exercises are a starting point and a foundation. But remember that you also need to reflect on how your day goes and what breaks your focus and what can you do about it.

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