Concentration for getting a job promotion

A reader of this newsletter, after the last email, asked me the following question:

“If I train my concentration will I become successful at my job and get promoted?”

On the last email I told you that concentration was the closest thing we have to a panacea (a solution to all difficulties)… but it’s still NOT a panacea.

To be successful at your job – regardless of your job – I believe you may need more than simply concentration… even if, concentration is the foundational bedrock under which you can build your skills.

You can think of it as the infrastructure, the cornerstone, over which you create what you want to create.

If the foundation is not there, the whole building can crumble, but the foundation is not the whole building.

Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger as we mentioned on the previous email: even though he used concentration and mental skills, but he still needed to learn about nutrition, training routines, resting, and so on.

He said:

“Bodybuilding is much like any other sport. To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental approach.”

He applied concentration in what he needed to do – or the “mental approach” as he called it, but there’s still other skills involved.

Concentration gives you a trained mind. It’s up to you to use it… and to use it in a way that is beneficial for your job – if that’s your goal.

You may also only use it a tiny bit, or really push it!

You can have a Ferrari in your garage and take it for a leisurely drive only on a Sunday afternoon next to the sea, when the weather is nice… or, you can take it to the tracks and really push it to the limits!

Once you know how your mind works, have a good concentration ability and are able to intensely focus in what you want, you still need to choose to apply it in your job and in the skills required for your job with an intense determination.

But it all starts with concentration!

Train your mind to achieve this laser like focus in the Concentration and Mind Control training.

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