Concentration is a way of life

Your powers of concentration can be seen in whatever you do. It’s not just something you do for 20m a day, and that’s it. It’s for you to explore and become aware in your daily life.

The exercises give you the tools to become aware of your mind and to start training the “concentration muscles”.

So in the exercises, you’ll uncover your mental patterns of attention. You’ll notice exactly what distracts you and how you get distracted, and you – experientially – learn how to get back into a focused, concentrated state.

But then you’ll need to apply this knowledge in your daily life.

The exercises can only take you thus far.

The actual benefits will come with the awareness of your attention in your daily life.

If you close the door behind you after those 20 minutes of concentration exercises, thinking that your work is done, you’re missing out on the actual benefits.

Concentration is a way of being.

Not only should you explore your mind and attention during the exercises, but you need to bring those lessons to your daily life.

You need to understand how they manifest during your day and how you can direct your attention to a concentrated state.

But for that, you need to reflect on the exercises (instead of just “performing” them) and double your awareness during your day to notice the patterns you uncover during the exercises now in your normal everyday activities.

This is how you develop a genuinely concentrated life!

Start your concentration and attention training with the course:
>>> Concentration and Mind Control

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