Concentration as a Negative Process

The New Thought writer William Latson wrote:

“Concentration is largely a negative process; it depends as much upon what you do not do, as upon what you do”

That’s exactly correct.

The mental habit of focus and concentration is a discipline of the mind. It’s not just about learning a few techniques… you also have to stop many of the bad habits of your mind.

Especially the habit of distraction where your mind simply fluctuates from thought to thought without focus. That’s why the training of concentration is one where you train your mental faculties, as well as your Will.

Your Will is necessary to stop the “bad” mental behaviors and give you the necessary motivation for the “good” mental behaviors.

Yet, it’s not the traditional “Victorian” Will power, where you just plow through the training until something breaks.

The training of the mind is probably one of the hardest you can do… BUT… it’s only hard until you know how to work with your mind, Will and energy.

It’s a paradox… I know.

On one hand, you’re training how to use your mind and it’s hard… on the other hand, when you know how to use your mind, then the training becomes a lot easier.

It seems it doesn’t make sense and you’ll never get out of the rat race.

The truth is, concentration and training your mind is not that hard when you’re doing it right. It’s only hard when you’re doing it wrong. Especially when using the “Victorian” Will power. Then it seems an impossible task.

Any type of mental and energetic training it’s not just about repetition, endurance and doing it for the sake of doing. You need reflection, thought and awareness. Only with these components can you aim to get out of the rat race.

If you’re using a brute force approach to concentration – a great mental effort – it’s because you’re not understanding and using the power of the energy and Will in your training.

Concentration training is not brute force. It’s a skilled and reflective training to understand your mind and energy. Doing the same thing everyday without thought and awareness won’t get you the same benefits.

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