Concentration Training as a necessity

When you initially start concentration training, since it’s a slow incremental change, you don’t notice the big changes immediately.

You only notice them over time… or, more quickly, if you are particularly in tune with your mental processes.

But, for me, the biggest difference I felt with concentration training was when I stopped doing it for an extended period of time.

Years ago, I thought that I wasn’t gaining much from it, so I just decided to focus my effort and energies on other types of training.

Nothing much changed in the first few days or weeks. I still had the residual effect of my training.

But as time went by, my mental performance deteriorated overall.

Memory got worse. Attention went way down. It was getting harder and harder to focus my mind on what I needed.

So I went back to a daily concentration training. And… lo and behold… it all got back to “normal”.

Since then I’ve done this experiment a few more times. I stopped the training for a while, and, my mental performance consistently goes down.

I thought that my brain was flawed in some way and that I absolutely needed the exercises just to “be normal”.

Maybe it was some genetic issue.

Many possible reasons went through my mind.

Believe it or not, on my “down” period, I even went through neuropsychological evaluation to make sure my brain functions didn’t had anything wrong with them. And in fact, everything was normal and all the tests came out fine.

But then, after speaking with people that also had the same experience with the concentration training, I thought:

“Well… if everyone else has the same experience, then it’s probably not related to my particular brain”

Then the conclusion was obvious.

With concentration training you get used to a certain type of high performance brain functioning. If you stop practicing for an extended period of time, you revert back to your old self.

And naturally, you feel a big difference.

Not that there’s anything wrong with your old self.

It’s just “normal”.

The problem is that you’ve now tasted the sweet nectar of fully focused mode mental state and you don’t want to simply feel normal.

Concentration training is like physical fitness. Once you are fit, you feel good overall but after some time, it’s just your normal state.

The problem is when you stop exercising. Then you notice the difference. You get tired more easily, you feel sluggish, you have less overall energy, you start to get fat, and so on.

And just like fitness, concentration training is something to keep doing as long as you are able.

It has the advantage that you can’t really get injured from it and you can do it anytime anywhere without needing a specific setup or gym monthly fees.

I know, for sure, this is something that I will keep doing for as long as I live.

Regardless of what I do for a living, even if I was washing cars or waiting tables, I no longer can stand having “average” concentration and focus.

The feeling you get from a focused mind is unlike anything else.

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