Concentration Exercise – Visualization

As promised here’s a very good concentration and visualization exercise that can speed up your development of your visual thinking.=======================================

This is simply… a math calculation.

That’s right.

Even if you hate math, do this.

It will improve your concentration, visualization and will power.

It was one of the first exercises I was taught in concentration and one that I still do.

Here are the instructions:

IN YOUR HEAD (do not use a calculator or paper) do a math multiplication with 2 digit numbers.

For example:




Do this with 3 different operations and numbers.

The harder the better.

(Example: don’t use: 11×11 or other simple math)

I want you to really VISUALIZE all the calculations as if you were doing it on paper.

DO NOT use paper or your fingers for the calculations, it will defeat the purpose.

All must be done in your head

If two digit numbers are too easy for you, do it with 3 or 4 or more digit numbers.

Calibrate to your own mind.

As soon as you start seeing that calculations with two digit numbers are too easy for you, add one more number until you have difficulty in doing it.

The harder it is for you, the better.

This is precisely what improves your concentration and focus skills.

Keep doing several math multiplications for 15 minutes.

Aside from being great to focus, this is also a great tool for developing your Will.


Because it’s not easy to do it.

You will find yourself thinking about quitting, thinking about why do you need to do this, and so on.

That’s where your self-confidence, will power and intention come in.

You will strengthen it if you KEEP DOING, even despite all your mind attempts to make you quit!

This is only the first step of a series of training exercises to develop a high degree of concentration and visualization.

At this moment only the Magnetic Gaze Level 2 offer this training, but soon you’ll have a full concentration course!

Until then, start over the Magnetic Gaze in here:

>>> Magnetic Gaze Foundations

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