Consistent magnetism

Maintaining your magnetism over time is a challenging aspect. Most people can be magnetic in certain situations, but not consistently.

And this can be problematic since your magnetism is erratic, and you don’t know what you can count on.

If one day you have an important interview, you won’t know if you’ll be magnetic or not that day. Maybe it goes well, maybe not.

And it would help if you had consistency in your magnetism.

It needs to be solid and dependable.

There are a few reasons why this won’t happen:

– Something is missing in your training.

Maybe it’s the energy, or the Will, or Inner Power, but there could be a specific area that’s underdeveloped and needs further training. When this happens, your magnetism can be erratic as it’s not yet solidified inside of yourself.

– You have energy leaks that you haven’t addressed.

If you get drained, and it happens the same way, in the same situations, then you know you’ll need to address your energy flow in those situations.

There’s something for you to fix, and you should do it as early as possible. Otherwise, more energy exercises will feel like filling a leaky bucket. It will never be enough.

– You can have negative anchors that bring you down.

Visiting a particular friend or family member might bring your magnetism down. Or your old childhood room will get you back to an old self you don’t want. These situations need to be handled (just like we do in The Unblocking Process).

These are only a few reasons to reduce your magnetism and not have it consistently. But there can be more. You’ll need to understand the patterns of when it happens so that you can fix it.

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