Are you constantly driving on the same gear?

If your life constantly feels like it’s on the same intensity level, then your magnetism is surely not that strong. In other words, if you’re constantly driving in the same gear, your magnetism has few ways of being generated.

Don’t get me wrong: Magnetism is NOT a state of constant high intensity. You don’t need to be constantly running around like a headless chicken, or be a loud mouth or constantly acting on something.

You can be perfectly calm, collected and be magnetic. The same way that you can have a high energy and be magnetic.

What you don’t want to happen is to constantly be in the same mode.

Magnetism thrives on variety. That’s why on the tension energy exercises you’re asked to slowly increase and decrease the tension, as opposed to just stay fixed on any single amount of energy (whether high or low).

Another example: if you’re listening to a speech, and that speaker is constantly on the same energy level – whether very low and monotonous, or very high and loud – you’ll be bored (or tired) quite easily. The first indicates a lack of energy, the second a surplus of energy. Both of them are bad.

It’s the same everywhere else, you want to feel a variation of your energy – a progressive build up or a progressive slowing down. You want to modulate your own energy throughout the day.

If everything just feels like the same to you, then magnetism is not running within you. This “sameness” can be a calm, quiet mode or a high stress mode. The first leads to passivity, the seconds leads to increased stress.

It indicates a neutrality inside your mind. A lack of control over your own mind and energy.

The variety and intensity that exists inside your own mind is what defines your external variety and intensity. In other words, if everything feels the same inside of you, then everything will be the same outside of you.

As you start to control your own energy and mental states, you are able to shift between these mental states (and between different levels of each one) according to the situation at hand – which gives the necessary variety for magnetism to flow.

You also need to change your own intentions. As you start to define your thoughts, behaviors and actions, to be present when you’re doing your activities – regardless of what they are -, you can’t help to be in control of what’s happening, as opposed to be in a “neutral” mode.

As always, the awareness plays the crucial role here. When you don’t know what’s happening inside of you, it’s very hard to change. When you don’t understand your mental states and energy levels, you also can’t change them.

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