Creating effects in the minds of others

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“There are mentative currents, arising from the strong centered desire of some person, who forming a strong mental image, by means of visualization, creates for himself a center of desire force, which guided by his willpower attracts to himself all that will fit into his plans. He constitutes himself a mentative center, around his visualized idea, and constantly sends out strong mentative currents charged with the strongest, most
ardent desire force, guided, directed, and projected by his developed WillPower.

He thus sets into operation the great mental Law of Attraction, of which the early writers on Mental Science talked so much. These mentative currents, charged with desire, spread out, and soon begin a rotary movement like a whirlpool, sweeping around and around, always drawing in toward its center persons and things tending to fit in with the plans of the center.

The original desire in the man’s mind is reproduced in kind in the minds of thousands of people by the law of mentative induction, and they all fall in with the plan, the degree, of course, depending upon the degree of positivity or negativity of the receptive mind, multiplied by the degree of positivity of the mentator. The great plans of the so called “Captains of Industry” are carried out by reason of this law.

Many of these great centers of Desire Force — these successful men, who attract to them that which they want,
and those whom they need—do not realize the nature of the force that they are using, but there are a constantly increasing number who do know it, and they are “working it for all it is worth.” Many of these steady, cool business leaders are really deeply versed in occult laws. If the true facts of the case were to creep out, there would be the greatest sensation that the country has ever known.

Then there is still another phase of the matter. I allude to the cases of men who (generally consciously, but sometimes unconsciously) are focusing their mentative currents directly upon some person or persons who are necessary to their plans and desires. They are filled with desire to have these persons do thus and so, or not do thus and so, as the case may be.

These men, according to their degree of concentration and willpower direct to the other person or persons strong mentative currents of Desire Force, and by mentative induction set up vibrations of a corresponding rate in the minds of these others, the degree of effect produced, of course, depending upon the degree of negativity of the recipient. This effect is produced in two ways, both according to the law of mentative induction.

The first way is to set up corresponding desire vibrations in the mind of the other, so that it will in turn cause his will to carry out the desire. A variation of this is to direct the desire force toward the will of the other, and thus “entice” or “charm” the other’s will into compliance with the desire of the sender. This will be understood if you will remember what I have said about the resemblance of the desire pole to the feminine, and the will pole to the masculine. You will see an illustration of this in every phase of mentative influence.

The second way is for the will of the sender to force its way past the will of the other and boldly “make love” to the desire of the other, and endeavor to “seduce” it by mere strength and persistence until it accedes to his wishes. The variation of this is seen in the case where the attacking will boldly grapples with the will of the other, and by sheer superiority of power overcomes it and makes it captive and obedient. This latter is very rare, except in cases of personal interviews between the two persons, aided by telementation between interviews.”

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