Creating the Magnetic Gaze

The Magnetic Gaze is something you create over time with techniques and specific exercises.

There’s no magic in it.

Train your eyes, your energy and Will, and you are bound to have it.

Often people seem to think this is something magical and weird. But if you carefully analyze its elements, we can’t help but see how it all fits together.

Especially once you know how it works.

First of all, you need to train your eyes the same way you train your muscles at the gym.

In general, you’re not used to do anything else with your eyes except what you always did since you were born.

Your brain only registers what you see in an habitual way. There’s no novelty on how you look at the world, or in how you use your eyes.

When was the last time you thought about how you use your eyes?

(at least until I brought it up with the Magnetic Gaze!)

Then we watch movies about spies and how they can enter a room and remember a lot more details than the average person. Their eyes (and brain) were trained for that – interestingly enough with the same kind of eye training you get in the Magnetic Gaze.

After this physical training of the eyes, you need to bring energy to them. The same way some people have “evil eyes” or “loving eyes”, you can choose and bring energy into your eyes. Energy manipulation
is another skill.

And finally the training of the Will and mind in general to help you command the energy and project it out. The Will is the true mechanism behind influence. Get a stronger Will and influence is bound to follow, even without training the Gaze.

So join all of this together, and you have a powerful method of influence, attraction and overall non-verbal communication!

Start your training of the Magnetic Gaze with the Magnetic Gaze Foundations course:

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