Creating your own unique magnetism

Your magnetism is not going to be equal to mine or to anyone else’s.

Your magnetism will be your own. Unique to you.

You’ll never find two people with the exact same charisma and magnetism.

There will always be differences. Even if you go through the same training programs, develop the exact same energy and do the same projection exercises, what others feel about you will ALWAYS be unique.

For example, it will still be sexual magnetism but it will have different traits and characteristics that are unique to you.

Think about any two or three different sexually magnetic men or women. Do they make you feel exactly the same?

You may say: “Hell yes, I’m sexually attracted!”

But when you go deeper, particularly if you have a good energy awareness, you’ll find that one of them has a very romantic and sweet sexual magnetism while the other has a much more raw animalistic sexuality.

Both sexually attract you, but in different ways.

Even with two persons who have a raw and animalistic sexual magnetism, you will find quite obvious differences if you dig deeper.

And the better your energy awareness is, the better you are able to make this distinctions.

It’s quite interesting when you get a good energy awareness and can distinguish different energetic subtleties for each magnetic person. For example you can say where this person’s most intense project stems from, or the different shades of magnetic qualities and so on.

It’s like appreciating a work of art.

And the same way that a good artist can learn by careful observation of a good painting, you too can learn from observing and being aware of the magnetism of another person.

I certainly did it.

When you can observe the way a magnetic man projects his energy, you can take how he does it, and make it ours.

Even if you attempt to mimic exactly the energy of other person, it will still have your own unique stamp.

You’ll never be “caught” in trying to imitate someone else. Energetically, that’s not possible.

This is due to your own mind and energy being different from everyone else. When you do an energy projection exercise, or when you attempt to mimic another magnetic man, you leave your own unique imprint on it.

It will always be different. Unique to you. Your magnetism will always have your own unique stamp.

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