Our crown-jewel exercise

All across the world people identify Tratak with a meditation with a candle.

If you search for descriptions, you are basically taught a simple candle gazing technique.

And it’s good. This can be already a good head start with the basics of concentration.

But if you are sticking only with that, you are missing out in a big way. It’s like only eating crackers instead of a full meal!

The problem is that people are considering Tratak as a simple introductory level exercise.

Yet, Tratak is one of most powerful and advanced set of techniques that we have. It’s definitely not just an introductory exercise.

Traditional concentration practices pale in comparison with it. Tratak transforms your mind into a laser sharp creation machine.

It’s far beyond simply gazing at a candle.

It’s a powerful mind technology with a series of specific steps that is not only useful for concentration, but mainly for advanced magnetic and mental applications.

In fact, it can give you a rocket boost to advanced mind mastery. Pretty much all the mental and energetic techniques can be improved tenfold when you have mastered Tratak. It opens a doorway to use your mind in a way that hasn’t been used before.

But it’s not all roses…

The downside is that it’s very difficult to accomplish all the steps. It’s one of the hardest exercises we have, which requires persistent hard work, effort and continuous support.

If that doesn’t scare you, then you are a good fit.

It’s one of the crown jewels techniques from Charisma School and we are proud to offer it on the Concentration and Mind Control training.

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