"Who Wants a Life of Super
Vitality, Vigour and an Electrified
Brain and Body?"

Know how it feels to have so much energy that it can be radiated to everyone around you. Expand your ability to feel and use different energies of your body!

Have you ever met someone who seem to have much more energy than the common individual?

It's like they are able to do more, achieve more and impact others in a completely different way.

They radiate such an intense energy that everything and everyone gets alive around them.

They create a strong impact in their first impression and live in a completely different world than the rest of the population. They live in their own world filled with enthusiasm and vitality.

I remember first thinking about this when I talked with a female friend that told me about a guy she was dating:

"I started to date him because every other guy seem to live in the same neutral world, and he lived in a colorful world to which he pulled me into every time I'm with him"

This poetic description stick with me until this day. It described this guy's vital and magnetic energy.

There's in fact a group of people who seem to live in a colorful world, while the rest live in a grey, neutral world.

But don't get me wrong:

To achieve this vitality you don't need to be an extroverted and overly enthusiastic individual.

There are plenty of introverted, but with an extreme vitality, magnetic men and women. All you need is to...

Have more energy, more motivation and more aliveness!

This is seen in the way they behave, their mind, the way they touch and their eyes.

Those who graduated this training have been able to achieve the gleaming fire of the eye which is seen in almost all highly energized animals, and also send forth electrical currents and flame in touch and glance.

Hence, vitality is also a key to Personal Magnetism. No Personal Magnetism is possible without vitality in you.

But what is the secret of this Vitality?

The secret to this Vitality is a general control of your own inner energies as well as a development of a special type of energy.

Not only do you need an enhanced sensitivity to the seemingly hidden energies of your body, but also the training of this specific type of energy called Tension Energy.

What is Tension Energy?

Tension energy comes straight from the nerves and is a very powerful kind of energy. You probably already know and heard way too much about the bad part of this energy… it’s called STRESS.

When you develop it on a bad way – which means without energy transmutation that you do in this course - you can get ill and get all sorts of health issues. I’m sure I don’t need to lecture you on the problems that stress can cause on any given organism whether human or animal.

So we must agree that this is a powerful energy that can be used for good but also has their negative sides. Stress is the bad type of the tension energy. Not only it will make you less vital but it will also harm your health.

It’s important to understand and stand out that the Tension Energy we develop in this training is NOT stress or negative in any way for your body or health (quite the opposite!). In fact, Tension Energy can be considered like the kind of GOOD energy that may come from stress – although a bit more evolved and transmuted to a specific goal, on this case Vitality and Magnetism.

As you can see, stress is a powerful type of energy and as all powerful types of energy it can be used for evil as well as for good when harnessed correctly.

That's what we do here. We generate this "good stress" or tension energy for our purposes of overall Vitality and Magnetism.

And quite a powerful energy it is!

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This one energy - Tension Energy - is the secret of health, vitality and personal magnetism.

Early cultures of Africa and South America had a tradition of observing and classifying people according to the possession of what was then referred to "animal spirits". The term "animal spirits" was not used to mean primitive spirits, but instead, it meant vigor of life, vitality. They were favored by nature to have been born with such "good spirits".

They didn't had a way to develop these "animal spirits", this vigor of life and magnetic leadership, so you had to be born with it. Fortunately now, with the Charisma School energy technology, you can develop it.

You can often know if a person has this kind of vitality by their eyes. The eyes are bright, with brilliant pupils and clean whites, which indicate beyond doubt the possession of a great health and vigor. And also, their flesh seems to be alive, their nerves alive and their lungs alive!

For years I have tried to find out why some men were more alive than others. Of course, they had unconscious habits which were good for them. But which habits was it? What kind of energy were they generating? And how?

That's what I discovered once I trained in energy development, particularly Tension Energy.

Here's what you'll develop with this course:

  • How to infuse your body with amazing vitality and vigour so that you are able to do more, achieve more and be more!
  • Increase your energy sensitivity so that you are able to feel different types of energy. It doesn't matter which energetic tradition you are following, you can be able to increase your sensitivity to any type of energy.
  • Develop a bright and vital gaze with the "Eyes Alive" technique. Make your eyes shine!
  • Learn different types of energy movements, different ways you can move energy in and out of your body.
  • The two types of Tension Energy, including the second - most powerful - type of Tension Energy, source of vitality and magnetism, capable of increasing your gaze and magnetic power, never before taught anywhere else!
  • How to transmute negative emotional energy to positive! Never again be affected by negative emotional experiences.
  • Understand the relation between physical food and energy. How to optimize your diet to give you crazy amounts of energy and vitality.
  • A powerful technique to "reset" your energy body and give it whatever energy quality you may desire, from Sexual Energy to Healing Energy. Any energy is possible.
  • Learn a technique used by ancient mystics to achieve enlightenment!
  • A special technique, similar to an "energetic orgasm" that gets your whole body shaking and vibrating in unison with the energy body. This is probably the most advanced use of energy of this training!
  • Learn what people who "own a room" are doing and how you can do it to.
  • How to apply the concept of Tension Energy to your mind so that you can make your thoughts, mind and brain come alive with vigor and force!
  • Change old patterns of diseases. By using the awareness techniques you finally may be able to get rid of chronic health situations!
  • Move energy using our Direct Energy Control method. No more you need to mess around visualizations and breathing, with this method you are able to move energy as easy as raising a finger.
  • In what ways are you leaking Tension Energy. Without knowing this, you may never develop a good amount of vitality!
  • And much more!

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Here are some frequently asked questions about this training:

What's the difference between this course and others on Magnetism?

Charisma School has other courses on Personal Magnetism, but this is the first one that goes in depth into the inner workings of energy, energy movements and energy control, as well as Tension Energy - the key to Personal Magnetism and Vitality.

It's the first training where the two types of Tension Energy are studied and mastered and where you develop a strong sensitivity to all types of energies. In other trainings, you can only learn the "Gross Tension Energy", which is a weaker counterpart to the second type "Subtle Tension Energy" developed only in this specific training.

After this training, you'll be much more in tune with the subtle energies around you and in your body as well as being able to charge yourself of the subtle quality of Tension Energy anytime anywhere for a greater Vitality and a strong Magnetism.

Why haven't I learned about the second type of Tension Energy before?

The "Subtle Tension Energy" requires an increased sensitivity to energy. Not everyone is able to feel it with just a simple exercise. It needs more background training. The "Gross Tension Energy" - the one explained in Magnetic Gaze, Sexual Magnetism and Personal Magnetism training - requires a much lower threshold of perception. So you are able to reach the benefits of those courses without undergoing an full energy sensitivity training like this one.

With the Subtle Tension Energy, this whole training is a preparation so that you are able to feel and use this subtle amazing quality of energy.

How long are the exercises?

This training requires around 20 minutes each day.

Do I need to continue the exercises after the 12 weeks?

No! Once you are aware of the Subtle Tension Energy and the overall concept of energy inside of yourself, as well as your mechanisms for Vitality, you can choose not to do more exercises and as long as you keep using those energies in your day to day life, you won't need to take more time out of your day for exercises.

How's the training structured?

The training is structured in 5 modules. Each module builds on the previous one, so you can't skip ahead and do the last modules before the first ones. If you do, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Due to the sensible nature of the energy concepts, it's important to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. For that reason, and unlike other Charisma School trainings, there will be many more guided audios on this training.

Is this training important for Charisma and the Magnetic Gaze?

This is the only training where we are going to explain the workings of the Subtle Tension Energy necessary for advanced levels of the Magnetic Gaze as well as advanced levels of Personal Magnetism and Sexual Energy.

This is not going to be explained anywhere else. So without it, you'll be limited in what you can accomplish.

Aside from this, this is also the only training which goes in depth into energy sensitivity and energy movements. If you have difficulties feeling energy in your body, then this is where you should start.

Is there a pre-requisite to the training?


This training is only related to energy. So we won't speak about mind & emotions - at least not more than we have to. If this is an area that you haven't yet mastered, in other words, if you keep getting negatively affected by your thoughts, emotions, and if they aren't under your conscious control, then I would recommend that you take the 10 Steps to Inner Power before purchasing this course.

Vitality and Energy Training does not cover self-confidence, emotional control, will power, inner power and related topics. Yet, all these topics are essential for the development of Vitality. Since they are covered on the 10 Steps to Inner Power, we won't deal with them here.

What kind of exercises are there?

Depending on which module you are, there are different kinds of exercises.

How will it start?

Once you purchase the training, you'll immediately be guided to the Charisma School Training Academy where the first two modules are ready for you to watch and apply. So you can start the training as soon as you purchase the training. The other modules will be unlocked as you move through the training.

Can I give the audios to my friend for him to try?

No. An audio by itself is close to useless. It is no miracle cure. The true value is in the whole training and in your specific training path. Besides, each audio has your "digital fingerprint" imprinted into it to make sure it only serves you. The Charisma School Training Academy automatically imprints a special code on each audio when you download it.

Tools Practical Training Image

Practical Training - No Fluff!

The Vitality and Energy training is a very practical training - no fluff, no gimmicks, no useless reading; all of the exercises are useful and practical since this is the only way to get the results you are after.

Just reading or listening to some tapes or DVDs will never provide any significant result in this skill. That's like trying to get in shape by sitting on the couch and reading a book about bodybuilders.

Get Access to The Charisma School Training Academy

You gain lifetime access to our Training Academy, a platform only available to Charisma School students and where all our products are - and will be - stored.

This is an unique platform that only CS students will have access to and allow a closer interaction and sharing of information.

Join a global community of charisma students dedicated to becoming the best they can be. Gain access to the timeless wisdom of a living tradition.

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Several Formats For The Best Training Experience!

All the material is distributed through video and audio files for an optimum training experience. No need for reading on this training course!

You can listen to this material as you prefer, at your own pace in your favorite space, from any media device, any location, at any time. Watch and re-watch as many times as you like!

Email Support

We’ll also be available by email to answer any questions you might have. This is a crucial part of the training.

Due to the experiential nature of this training, it will very hard to complete the training without the support of a qualified instructor. The system can sometimes have to be adjusted to fit someone’s needs and there’s where we come in.

We will work with you without any time limits, until you reach the end of the training and develop your vitality. Whether you take 1 month or 1 year finishing the course, we’ll be there to guide you along. It’s about YOUR result, not another useless product on your hard drive.


Your investment in this course is $177. Once your enrollment is successfully processed, you'll have immediate access to the Member's Area so you can start your course straight away with a preparatory exercise! For your safety, the payment is done by Paypal. Paypal is a reputable online banking solution that handles all the credit card information by a safe and secure processing page.

There are no recurring fees, no additional fees and no hidden fees.

I know, it might seem like a big commitment, and a hefty investment. You’re right, it is. In fact, it’s the most important commitment you can make to yourself for the rest of your life. What could be more important than mastering one of the most important life's energy, bringing you explosive vitality and vigor?

This course comes down to around $2 a day! How much more do you spend in apps, dinners, lunches, electronics? Why not invest in yourself instead of spending it in regular consuming habits that never truly change anything in your life?

This special offer is available for a limited time and
the price can raise at any moment without notice!

To enroll in this course and develop your Vitality and Tension Energy, click the link below!

Aside from all the other goodies, you'll also get a second course to help you along your magnetic path:


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P. S. Let me say just one last thing: If you ever wanted to discover and develop your energy body and become a Vital and Magnetic Man, then there is no better opportunity for you than this one right here! It's up to you to take that action.

P. P. S. By the way, these techniques work anywhere in the world regardless of your culture: small town, big city, United States, Europe, India, Korea or others. There are many success stories in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Asia, even Russia, South America, Japan and more.  Our principles are universal. So you’re not limited by your location in the world.