Culture of Prosthetics

We have the need for increased power and become better and more efficient humans, but where do we seek it?

In our society, constantly on external means.

We live in a culture of prosthetics. We rely on external devices to increase our own capacity. We are constantly seeking the best and newer device that will allow us to do more and become better.

Bigger hard drives to store more information, augmenting reality devices so we can “see” more during everyday life, among others.

But the true power doesn’t reside in these external means.

You can have a bionic eye connected to the internet, yet, if you don’t learn the art of observation and attention, the bionic eye will only give you more information to ignore and pass you by.

You can store all the information you want inside your hard drive or in the cloud, but if you haven’t really put some serious thought in it, you don’t own that information. It’s just data.

Socrates worried that that reliance on writing would erode memory, but also, and maybe more importantly, that reading would mislead students to think that they had knowledge, when they only had data.

Everything that is outside of our minds we can’t really integrate it into wisdom.

All these external means of improving our abilities are great – I would never give up the ability to access all the information on the Internet with the click of a button.

But this can’t replace the development of our own own human potential.

This is what we seek at Charisma School. Increasing you own natural power. No prosthetics. No external means or external validation.

Only your own personal power.

And it all starts with the 10 Steps to Inner Power here:

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