Cycles of nature, cycles of man

If you have looked outside your window every once in a while, at least for a few years, you’ll realize that everything in nature is cyclic.

The whole earth changes in predictable cycles. In the northern hemisphere we’re now in the Summer, although getting closer to the September equinox. Then we’ll have the Winter solstice and so it goes. In the Souther hemisphere this is inverted.

If you look at the sea, you’ll see how maybe now there’s a high tide, but in a few hours it will be low tide, and then a few hours gone by and there will be a high tide again.

You look at the sun and the moon, they also have predictable cycles.

In fact, the cycles of nature are so predictable that our watches are aligned by them.

And you’ll see that trees, flowers, animals all follow these cycles, or at least have certain behaviors as a consequence of those nature cycles.

You can observe bears hibernating in the winters, salmons migrating to the ocean during fall, some animals hunt only at night, while others only during the day, and millions of other examples. Just search online about the effects of the seasons or the moon on animals if you want to know more.

Yet, we – humans – think we’re not affected by these cycles – unlike everything else in nature.

Somehow are we different than every other living being on planet Earth?

This seems odd.

Very few of us notice the effects many of these cycles have in us. Or at least, we only notice the superficial effects: “I like warm weather”, “I don’t like the cold” and something of the sorts.

But we’re also deeply affected by all of it. We’re not different than all the other living beings.

This is very noticeably on your own energy. You’ll find deep effects of the cycles of nature in you, IF – and only IF – you are aware and your awareness is already good enough for it.

A very interesting experiment that Fabricio told me to do at a moment of my training, was to become aware of the effects of the tides on my own body, energy and mind.

The variation of sea levels – high tide, low tide – is caused by the gravitational forces of the Moon and the Sun.

So if water is affected so deeply by it, why aren’t we? After all, our body is 80% water. It doesn’t matter if you live away of the sea or next to it. These gravitational forces affect you the same way.

And indeed, it was very surprising to notice certain energy movements, moods, behaviors I had were related to these cycles.

They affect you on a much deeper level than you may think at first glance. And this is only one of the nature cycles.

This is only to point out the obvious fact that we’re not different than every other living being in the face of the earth. We’re also deeply influenced by nature cycles regardless if you live in the crowded city or in an isolated country house. And the more we understand them and their effects in us, the more we can use them for our own benefit and align ourselves with them.

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