Dealing with anxiety and blocks

I’ve seen many students plagued with negative feelings inside.

Negativity can be a general term; it comes in many shapes and forms. It can be rage, it can envy, it can be nervousness or anxiety, it can be fear, and many others.

All of them will create certain feelings inside of you. They are not pleasant feelings.

They don’t feel good. They overall make you feel bad.

Whether it’s anxiety or nervousness, or negative associations to many different situations, these negative feelings are only harming you.

Not only socially, but also internally in your own well being.

When we often think and feel negative – regardless of the topic or situation – we are transformed inside.

If we do a simple energetic analysis of most of these negative feelings, you can see that you’ll often have contracting energy on fear or anxiety for example – so you are retreating inside of yourself; or explosive negative energy on rage for example – spreading the negative energy around you, repelling people away from you.

Either way it’s not positive or conductive to a great personal or sexual magnetism where you need positive expansion of energy that draws people to you.

Also these type of negative feelings are quite toxic inside of yourself.

A simple google search will bring up a lot of the academic research on the problems anxiety brings to your physical body.

So it’s not just related to your personal magnetism, it’s related to your physical health.

The negative feelings create actual blocks inside your body and energy. Your energy is not allowed to circulate freely and this eventually manifests into concrete health problems.

That’s why I always considered getting rid of the negative blocks inside a top priority in the development of your magnetism, as well as overall health well being. Being able to be calm, feeling great and expansive most of your day, it’s an important part of being magnetic and having a great life!

Next week a new Charisma School training course is being released that handles specifically with this issue:

The Unblocking Process is coming soon!

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