Your Default Energy Quality

We all have a “default energy quality”.

This is the energy quality you have lived with your whole life.It’s quite easy to figure out what’s yours.

Just look back on your past. Not at any specific moment (where your energy might be different) but in big chunks of time and overall reactions of people to you.

Let’s say you are on your thirties and you’ve had 1 or maybe 2 girlfriends without many other opportunities. Women always considered you their good friend. Most likely your sexual magnetism is quite low.

Let’s say that you’ve always spent considerable amount of time in mindless, passive and alone activities like playing video games or browsing the internet. Most likely your energy vitality is low.

Let’s say that you’ve always been the leader of any group that you have been in. Whenever it were, university, work, social circle, people would just naturally seek you as a leader. Most likely your personal magnetism is high.

This is not to say that in one particular event or situation, you might not have had a different reaction. It happens to all of us. But look at the overall patterns of your life.

We can make other assumptions as well, merely by observing past behaviours and reactions from people to you.

Your magnetism and energy are easy to figure out this way.

The good news is that you don’t need to be stuck with what you’ve lived until now. Your energy and overall mind quality can change with the proper training.

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