How to Develop Your Cognitive Ability

Increasing your cognitive ability and potential is one of the themes many people are focusing on these days.From brain training games to zapping your brain and all sorts of weird pills, it’s all good to improve your intelligence.

As good as all these methods may be, they can only give you a temporarily boost. And you can quite easily become dependent on them. Not physiologically dependent, but psychologically dependent. You need that pill to be able to study or to work at your full performance.

And, that’s not a good place to be. Especially if it’s not a healthy thing for you.

Fortunately for us, there’s an alternative.

What can truly increase your cognitive ability and potential, without any kind of side effects, is an awareness over your own mind & energy and ability to change them.

If you don’t know what your mind is doing, or have no control over it, then it’s hard to keep focused on any reading you might be doing. Your mind may wonder away quite easily.

What you need to ask yourself is:

Where’s the bottleneck? What is stopping your cognitive ability to improve? Where do you feel the most difficulties?

Is it on your energy levels? Do you need more intensity? Are you sleepy? Or do you need less intensity? Are you anxious?

Is it on your processing ability? What’s happening as you’re reading or learning any topic? Where your mind is at? What’s your mind doing?

Is it on your attention? Can you keep a train of thought going without getting sidetracked by other thoughts?

The bottleneck of your cognition can have many different causes. That’s why the more you understand your mind, the more it can be improved in all areas that you desire.

All the examples I gave above of common bottlenecks of cognitive processing can be improved with training. In other words, you can train to control them and improve your own cognitive ability without pills or any other kind of external methods.

This way, you get reliant only on yourself with a pure 100% natural method. It not only improves your cognitive ability, but also your magnetism.

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