You’ve probably heard that either you were born with charisma, or you’ll never achieve it in your lifetime.

Well, here’s the cold hard truth: it’s a skill you can develop and train! And it’s way more powerful than most people can ever dream of.

Like you, I also believed that you need to be born with it.

And I had a good reason! I was never charismatic regardless of how hard I tried to smile more, dress better or improve my posture. None of this worked in the school I was in. I was considered the “school geek” and getting robbed out of my lunch money!

At least until I’ve met an extremely fascinating and magnetic guy called Fabricio and the teachings of personal magnetism.

What a weird set of teachings they are!

They talk about an elusive concept of energy, sexual magnetism, inner power and the strength of your Will.

I can assure you… they are completely different than all the other “charisma tips” out there. “Fake it till you make it” has no place here!

Yet, they work astoundingly well by transforming the very core of your being. If they changed me, and other dozens of Charisma School students, they can also have the power to transform you.

In what way?

Very profoundly!

I’m sure you’ve met someone who seems to infuse you with life. Just being around them seems to drive all the sorrow away and make you feel better than before. Then, you may feel a certain attraction toward them. It’s like you are drawn like a bee to honey.

There is a pleasurable satisfaction in the new energy which you feel when you come under the influence of a magnetic person. Something is added to the force of your own faculties. There is a strength and enthusiasm in this contact.

This influence can also be of a Sexual nature. It’s like this magnetic individual elicits in you a strong sexual response just by being there.

This is the influencing power you gain with personal magnetism.

Now, with Charisma School, you can become this person!

But, if we don’t train behaviors like smile more and being friendly toward people, what do we train in Charisma School?

Here is a brief summary:

  • Achieve Full Control Over Yourself & Your Emotions With a Deep Inner Power

As interesting as something like personal magnetism training might be, without a firm grasp into your own thought processes, emotions and behaviors, it will be difficult to manipulate energy into a good enough level to be felt by others.

In other words, if you can’t influence yourself, you won’t influence others.

That’s why the 10 Steps to Inner Power is our initial, foundational training.

  • Connect with the Source of Your Will for Unlimited Strength

The Will is your personal power center.

It’s your point of connection when you need “Howitzer type power” to project your energy, or to overcome bad moments of your life or for personal productivity and excellence.

It allows to unite your mind, body and energy into a strong and coherent whole which vanishes all anxiety and fear.

  • Mind Training For a Laser Sharp Mind

Concentration has long been a staple of mystical traditions. It’s a common (and sometimes hidden!) practice in Buddhism, Yoga, certain traditions of Christianity and Islam.

This is not by accident.

A focused mind is essential on any kind of energy work. This has not been neglected in Charisma School.

  • Energy Development For Perfect Vitality

The development of your energy is done with a specific training plan where you generate awareness over different energy characteristics and movements.

This allows you to release past emotional, physical and mental blocks, as well as to increase your overall energy levels and vitality, feeling better than ever before with everything flowing as it should.

  • Become a Sexually Magnetic Person

I’m sure you’ve met someone who, despite not having perfect good looks could attract everyone around them.

Maybe you have even been attracted to this person.

Maybe you have dated someone less attractive than other dates of your past, yet, you were more sexually drawn to her?

That’s sexual magnetism. The ability to sexually attract others using your natural energy, no psychological trickery or manipulation.

It’s something we also develop in Charisma School.

  • Mastery over Your Personal Interactions

Having a full-fledged control over your behavior in personal interactions or difficult conversations is essential for personal magnetism.

Learning how to dominate yourself (and others) in social situations is often the difference from those are successful, from those who are not.

  • Project Your Qualities Into The World

It’s not only required to develop powerful qualities inside of yourself, but it’s also necessary to project them out and “exteriorize” them into the world.

Charisma and personal magnetism is not something that can be developed home alone or in a retreat.

It must be developed as you’re out in your own daily living, with your own challenges of interactions with others.

All these elements work in synchrony to make you a powerful individual who is capable of ruling over himself – and others – with a primal like energy, so you can achieve your goals and desires.

I recorded this video to explain in more detail the elements we train in Charisma School. Check it out: