There are several ways we can use to increase will power. During this whole course I’m teaching you a big part of them, enough to already developing a strong will power.

On this week’s lesson, I’m teaching to identifying the friction we may have in our lives that makes us have a slower progress. And we’ll also discuss two more WILL diseases. The less friction and leaks we have in our lives, the easier it will be to develop the will.

The interesting thing is that we have a DOUBLE ADVANTAGE in fixing the leaks and friction: asides from gaining major “will points” by fixing them, we’ll also get bonus points for using our will and fixing things that we know must be fixed. It does take a big will power to remove ourselves from toxic people and situations. So our gains are twofold.

The exercises for this week are:

Exercise 3 “Destruction of Small Habits” – Last week we started applying our will in our everyday life by taking control of our bodies. This week we’ll go a step further: start noticing the small habits we all have and changing them for a while to increase our will. Letting go of instant gratification so we can have more spiritual strength is a worthwhile goal, don’t you think?

Exercise 4 “Steadiness of Hand” – With this exercise we’ll continue with the body control exercises but this time making it harder than just standing still

Exercise 5 “Observation of Thoughts” – This is the sequel to Exercise 1. It’s an exercise that I’m sharing so that we can complement last week’s exercise to make it just a little bit harder.

You can also watch it on YouTube by following the link below:

Develop a Strong Will Power Week 2


Recommended books:

“Act of Will” by Roberto Assagioli

“Power of Will” By Frank Haddock

“Emotional Vampires: Dealing with People Who Drain You Dry by Albert J. Bernstein

“Initiation Into Hermetics” by Franz Bardon