Developing Different Types of Charisma

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Is it possible to train oneself to develop 2-3 different kinds of charisma? If so, what will happen to your charisma?”

While an appealing result, it doesn’t work out quite like that.

It’s mostly a matter of levels or intensity.

For example, let’s take two different celebrities and their magnetism: the Dalai Lama for spiritual energy and Marilyn Monroe for sexual magnetism.

For example, let’s say the Dalai Lama now wanted to develop sexual energy.

He could train it if he wanted, but eventually, one or the other type of energy would dominate. While he could become a lot more sexual, his spiritual side would be much less.

The opposite would also happen to Marilyn Monroe.

Let’s say at some moment of her life she decided to convert to a religion and become a nun. If she really trained her mind and energy, her sexual magnetism would be reduced and her spiritual magnetism would increase.

In other words, you can’t be the Dalai Lama and Marilyn Monroe at the same time. As appealing as it may be to master everything, there’s usually one type of magnetism that will dominate.

But you can be a Marilyn Monroe with a bit of Dalai Lama in her or vice-versa. So you can be a sexually magnetic spiritual guru, if you so desire. Just remember there’s usually one energy that dominates your magnetism.

As you train and understand energies, you’ll be able to develop and train what you need for any given time. In one period of your life you can have a more personal magnetism, a leadership type of energy, while the next year you can choose a more sexual magnetism.

Once you understand energy – and especially having trained them in you – then you can activate them in a period of time.

Be warned that it does take time. While it may be easier to activate a particular energy at a given moment (let’s say on a date or a particular public speaking situation), the change of your whole energy in a more permanent basis is hard work.

If you are beginner in this type of energy and magnetic training, I recommend focusing mainly on one type of energy and one type of magnetism.

Less confusion, easier training and faster progress.

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