Developing Excessive Vitality

Yesterday we discussed magnetism as an “excessive vitality”. How do you develop it then?The magnetism, or this “excessive vitality”, is born of itself and without direct effort on your part once its enemies are removed.

In other words, we’re all born with it.

The magnetism and vitality is already there. But, in our education, we learn many un-magnetic habits and hide our true vitality under layers of society conditioning.

But if you remove all the habits and circumstances that stand in the existence of this magnetism, it will begin to enter the body and create a new found vigor!

This can be accomplished by any person at any time, that’s why we have all the training courses and energy development trainings.

In fact, we don’t develop anything. We merely re-discover.

We include certain practices that are allied to the natural processes of development. We aid the re-discovery of your own natural magnetism, and, after being used in developing your power, it’s left as permanent and a natural habits of your life.

That’s a very important subject here.

The blending of practices into habits, is of the highest importance and gives to the Charisma School system a special value that is not found in any other line of human training.

Start the magnetism development with the training course 10 Steps to Inner Power:

Followed by the Personal Magnetism training where we focus on the more exterior aspects:

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