Different energy qualities

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“What or which are the different energy qualities (that I can feel from others)? Or is it that each individual has a different energetic quality? If so, how can I recognize those energetic qualities?”

You can only recognize the different energetic qualities in others after you have recognized them in yourself.

If, for you, all energy is the same – or you have difficulty feeling it inside yourself – then it will also be the same when you attempt to recognize it in others.

Let’s say you can only feel whether you have high or low energy. Then it will be the same as you attempt to recognize it in other people.

You’ll only be able to say whether this person has high or low energy.

If, on the other hand, you can recognize minute details and qualities of your energy, you’ll also be able to feel them in others.

Which, naturally, has some advantages as recognizing particular states other people are feeling.

The more detailed your awareness of your energy, the more precise will be your perception of the energy of others. As always, our external mirrors our internal.

We focus deeply on this issue in the new training of Advanced Energy Science.

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