The different energy qualities

In Charisma School we focus mostly on two different energy qualities:

– Tension Energy, which leads to Personal Magnetism

– Sexual Energy, which leads to Sexual Magnetism

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The mastery over those two energy qualities can give us first a strong and invigorating feeling with the tension energy, and a sensual and expansive feeling with the sexual energy.

But, they are not the only two energy qualities that exist.

In fact, depending on the tradition that you follow, you may find hundreds – if not thousands – of different types of energy.

For example, the concept of Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is subdivided into hundreds of different types each with his own source, function, distribution and relevance.

Naturally, they all work together and affect each other. If you have an illness, several different energies are interacting in a non-optimal pattern that the TCM doctor can analyze and correct.

So all these “micro-energies” work in combination for a different goal.

Even the tension energy and sexual energy is a combination of different “micro” energies that in combination produce the effect that we are aiming at.

Fortunately for us, we don’t need to master every single micro energy quality. The way we work in Charisma School, we just focus on developing and training the overall energy quality that we seek for a specific result.

In here we are focusing on specific objectives of charisma, influence and sexual attraction. But we could focus on other objectives: let’ say healing for example.

We could develop a combination of different “micro” energy for the purpose of healing. Several traditions have done it.

In fact, we could modify tension energy intention to use it for healing purposes since it’s an overall invigorating and vital energy. We could even modify sexual energy to be used for healing as well.

Energy work is truly versatile and flexible approach. When you truly understand the role of energy and how to work with it, there’s no limit into how you can use its power.

Understand and train your energy awareness with the:
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