Different events in the beginning of your energy training

When you start any kind of energy training you can go (although not necessarily) through several different events in the beginning:

– Maybe you don’t feel anything.

There’s a simply a blank. This arises because your awareness is not well developed. You need to dive deep into yourself and feel what is happening inside.

It’s a different mindset than you most likely had during your life. It’s now a lot more internal.

Depending on your mental states, it may take more or less to begin to feel these internal energies. But once you start, it gets a lot easier!

– The discovery of these energies can feel weird.

You don’t know exactly what you are feeling, but you can feel something.

There’s something strange inside, that you never felt before. It may seem like this training is creating new feelings and movements, but it’s merely revealing and bringing to light what you already have inside.

As you get to know these energies, they stop being something strange and begin to feel familiar.

You notice them in the different situations popping up often: “There it is again!”.

You’ll notice the exact same feeling happens in very similar type of situations. And you identify it. It’s no longer strange.

While before you merely label it as “anxiety” or “nervousness”, you can now pinpoint exactly what happens inside.

This is particularly good because, as your training advances, you’ll have a choice of being influenced by them or not.

– You may feel more sensible, as if these energies are now affecting you much deeper.

And you will be right!

As you get more aware of them, as you bring them to light, they will affect you more. Before they were working on the unconscious background helping or hindering you, but now, they are right under the spotlight.

So you’ll feel the positive much deeply… but the same also happens with the negative.

That is both a bad thing and a good one!

A bad thing since the blocks and energies that are hindering you can now do more damage.

And a good thing because it’s your chance to heal these issues, while before they would simply be there working on the background without you having any awareness of them.

You’ll understand things about people and places long before others will. Just like you’ll know someone is toxic long before anyone else.

Energy training was one of the best skills I’ve developed for myself over the years. It opened my eyes to a whole new world that was previously hidden. You can now do the same by starting with the Vitality and Energy Training.

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