The Different Types of Energy for Social Influence

While there are many different types of energy running in your body, there are two types of energy which increase your social influence.

1) Tension Energy

2) Sexual Energy

Those are the two types of energy you can train and develop in Charisma School.

Your health, strength, vitality and endurance are directly measured by the degree of your Tension Energy. It gives you the power that makes life successful and fascinating.

The world if full of people with the brains and ability to rise to the top, but who lack the necessary Tension Energy to push them forward.

With tension energy you sparkle with radiating vitality and have an outstanding influencing power. It’s like your movements, words, gaze, voice are infused with drive and captivating energy.

This is not magic.

Far from it.

Some people achieve it naturally. I’m sure you’ve met those who are naturally infused with this energy. They are naturally magnetic and charismatic.

For the rest of us, there are specific exercises to develop this energy that arises in an innate way in others. The best course for the development of this energy is the Vitality and Energy Training, which focuses not only in giving you a great energy sensitivity but it is specifically applied to the tension energy.

The other type of energy we train is Sexual energy.

In the beginning of my learning experience with Fabricio, I would often ask myself why some people are so successful at attracting others from the opposite sex (and often the same sex as well!), while others just seemed to live in some sort of sexual desert.

Before, I just assumed it was related the way they dressed, or how rich they are, or their looks.

This is when Fabricio introduced me to sexual energy. An apparent “magical” quality that sexually attracts other people to you.

But, like tension energy, this is far from “magic”.

The principle is simple: if there’s no sexuality in your energy, you can’t expect people to interact with you in a sexual way or to elicit sexual reactions.

In other words: if you want to have sex, you need to be sexual.

This fact is hidden in plain sight. It’s just obvious when you can truly feel the energies of your body and notice the amount of sexuality in your own energy.

If you live in this “sexual desert”, then, most likely your energy emits little or no sexuality. While if you are already very successful in attraction, your energy surely emits a lot of sexuality.

You can discover and increase the amount of sexual energy you are emitting with our training Sexual Energy Mastery.

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