Discipline and Will – what’s difference?

A long-time student introduced me to this quote from an American naval officer Jocko Willink:

“Discipline can seem like your worst enemy when in reality it is your best friend”

The word “discipline has a bad reputation. When we think of “discipline” we think about strict parents, strict teachers, overall strict authority figures that command us to do something and we need to comply or otherwise face negative consequences.

I know that the definition is different. But this is what’s on most people’s heads.

And because of that negative association, many of us avoid it like the plague. If I was singing the praises to discipline maybe you wouldn’t be reading this.

In our modern world, very few people want a life of discipline.

But in Charisma School we’re using a different concept… We’re using the “Will”.

So what’s the difference between “discipline” and “Will”? Is there any difference?

Yes, there’s a world of difference!

First, Will is a much more encompassing word. It’s something that connects to the deeper part of you. While discipline tends to remain on a superficial level of doing this or doing that.

You don’t train the Will to become productive or efficient. You train the Will to connect to your true self. To connect to your life purpose.

Becoming productive is a (positive) side effect.

Secondly, “discipline” is usually associated to external authority figures. Someone commanding you to do something, and you complying with him or her.

“you need to be disciplined!” – says the strict headmaster!

“you need to learn the value of discipline” – says the strict army commander!

“you need to get more discipline” – says the strict parent!

It’s also associated with a strict Freudian superego inside of you. That little inner voice that is constantly telling you that you need to do something or otherwise you are a failure.

But that’s not what I associate the word, and definitely not to someone else telling me what to do.

Mostly, the Will is doing nothing more than what you truly WANT want to do. But there’s much more to it that meets the eye.

It’s what your REAL YOU wants to do and not the “you” that is constantly seduced by physical, emotional, energetic impulses inside of yourself. That lazy impulse that tells you to go watch netflix or browse the web for hours on end.

It’s about having a true connection to a deeper part of your self that knows what you actually WANT.

Not about someone else. But the REAL YOU. You feel better after having done something… not worse. You feel more empowered. Your power grows instead of diminishing.

So we can see that “discipline” can be part of the Will, a strong part of it that allows you to be what you WANT to be… when done right!

That’s what we train in the course:
>>> Will Mastery

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