The discipline of a kung-fu master, the focus of a zen monk

This week we’ve been discussing about the power of concentration and focus. On Tuesday, we talked about it on more general terms, yesterday we discussed the initial 20 minutes and the buildup of mental energy.

Today we are going to talk about how you already experienced the discipline of a kung-fu master and the focus of a zen monk.

This happens when you have an important deadline.

All of a sudden, your focus increases tenfold, your Will and intention become strong and powerful, and everything else just fades into the background aside for what you have to do.

You may have noticed that self-imposed deadlines don’t work so well. You know nothing bad will come to the world if you don’t fulfill them.

Externally imposed deadlines work much better for this purpose. Such as an exam the next day, an important presentation at work or an important client meeting you need to prepare.

Then focus and intention really go off the charts.

But this also generates an important problem…

A lot of negative tension energy, the so called STRESS.

You’re never off the hook and you are constantly on “emergency mode”.

So living from deadline to deadline, always in this kind of “emergency mode”, is definitely not a solution for a sustained focus and mind control.

The solution is in your own training of the Will and learning how to improve your overall concentration and mental processes.

The more you can control your mind using your own Will, the less you’ll need external pressures to keep you focused.

That’s why we created the training Concentration and Mind Control. So that you take this important ability into your own hands and are able to focus when you need to, and not because you are externally obligated.

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