Discover Your Life Purpose Part 2

Yesterday we discussed about finding our purpose in life and how inner power can be an important part of this process.

Now I just want to add another important piece: you can control your mind on the inside, but it also needs to be controlled on the outside through your behaviors.

Which means that not only you should not be a spectator on the internal world (by watching your mind contents
flashing through) but you also shouldn’t be a spectator on the external world (by passively living without taking action).

They both go hand to hand and you shouldn’t develop one without the other.

The first thing you’ll discover as you start developing your inner power and controlling the contents of your mind is: to actually stop being a spectator you’ll need to replace the actual contents of your mind with your own contents, meaning, if your inner voice is not telling you what you want to hear, then, what do you want to hear? if your mental images are not what you want them to be, then what do you want them to be?

To know this, you actually need to start making decisions and establishing objectives. You need to decide what you want to become. Your inner power starts here.

They don’t need to be perfect and lifelong decisions, just enough to get your started. On many occasions is simply getting your life in order: getting healthy, finding a source of income, finding a partner, and so on.

They can also be related to replacing bad and negative beliefs you may have about yourself: being fat, ugly, short, etc.

When these internal decisions are made, you’ll realize that some of your behaviors, some of the actions you are taking on the external world, are not congruent with what you want to achieve.

This is where behavior control comes in.

As you change the contents of your mind, as you transform your inner voice into your own powerful source of inner power, as you transform your mental images in strong symbols of power and your mental state into overall energy for yourself, you start to notice that your behaviors also need to change in order to be congruent with this new state of power.

But now, with your new found strength and power coming from the inside, you actually have enough energy and Will to change your behaviors on the external world.

And if we wanted to tie the knot with the purpose of life from the previous email, we’ll now be able to much more easily discover it since we would be in full contact with the true source of our Will and we would be able to manifest it in the world.

To start your journey of increasing your Inner Power start with the 10 Steps to Inner Power in here:

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