Do I need to look like a ladies man?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Do I need to look like a ladies man?”

You don’t need to look like one, you need to feel like one.

One of the most important axioms of sexual magnetism is:

If you want to have sex, you need to be sexual.

If you aren’t sexual and don’t make the persons around you feel sexual, then there’s little chance in achieving a good amount of sexual attraction.

It seems such a simple thing, yet, most people don’t really understand it – or don’t practice it.

And because of that, you may miss a lot of chances.

Many people may think they are being sexual, yet, they are blocking all their projections. If you have something inside conditioning you to be neutral, safe, uninvolved… then there’s little chance that any of your sexual energy is coming out… regardless of your clothes.

It’s like you have a light bulb that emanates a very powerful light, yet it’s covered by a thick, dense black sheet.

No light can come through.

You can focus on fashion and clothes, accessories, cars and so on. But it all comes down to the same: whether YOU are sexual and whether you can make OTHERS feel sexual around you.

Whether that light bulb is covered by the thick, dense black sheet or not.

And this black sheet is not the clothes you wear; it’s your own mind and energy.

If you feel more sexual with certain clothes or accessories, by all means use them. But don’t let them be a replacement for what is really important, which is your own sexual energy and its external projection.

You don’t need to be dressed in a certain way to project sexuality. You need to BE sexual.

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