Do not put any limits to your future possibilities

Here’s a great quote by Prentice Mulford, the author of the New-Thought classic: “Your Forces and How to Use Them”:

“Every thought of yours is a real thing—a force. Every thought of yours is literally building for you something for the future of good or ill.

What then is your mind dwelling on now in any matter? The dark or the bright side? Is it toward others ugly or kind? This is precisely the same as asking “what kind of life and results are you making for yourself in the future?”

If now you are obliged to live in a tenement house or sit at a very inferior table, or live among the coarse and vulgar, do not say to yourself that you must always so live. Live in mind or imagination in the better house. Sit in imagination at better served tables and among superior people. When you cultivate this state of mind your forces are carrying you to the better. Be rich in spirit, in mind, in imagination, and you will in time be rich in material things.

It is the mood of mind you are most in, whether that be groveling or aspiring, that is actually making physical conditions of life in advance for you. The same law applies to the building-up of the body. In imagination live in a strong, agile body, though yours is now a weak one.

Do not put any limits to your future possibilities. Do not say: “I must stop here. I must always rank below this or that great man or woman. My body must weaken, decay and perish, because in the past so many people’s bodies have weakened and perished.”

Do not say: “My power’s and talents are only of the common order and as an ordinary person. I shall live and die as millions have done before me.”

When you think this, as many do unconsciously, you imprison yourself in an untruth. You bring then to yourself the evil and painful results of an untruth. You bar and fetter your aspiration to grow to powers and possibilities beyond the world’s present knowledge. You cut from you the higher truth and possibility.

You have latent in you, some power, some capacity, some shading of talent different from that ever possessed by any human being. No two minds are precisely alike, for the Infinite Force creates infinite variety in its every expression, whether such expression be a sunset or a mind.”

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