Do others notice the gaze?

Here’s a question about the Magnetic Gaze:

“When using the magnetic gaze, will others around you notice?”

Undoubtedly yes.

That’s for sure one of the goals of the MG.

But obviously they won’t look at you and say:

“You have a magnetic gaze”

They will notice something different in your eyes from other people, it’s like they can’t look away, or as if you can “communicate with your eyes”.

Your eyes are transformed due to all the energy coming their way with specific exercises.

Yet, the kind of influence the Magnetic Gaze creates can go completely unnoticed to those around you.

You can be influencing someone with your gaze, and even if someone is looking at your straight on, they don’t notice you’re doing something.

To start developing your Magnetic Gaze, you can start with our Foundations course which will teach you all the basics to start working with the gaze:

Magnetic Gaze Foundations

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