Do you come off as fake?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:
“I’ve been told I come off as ‘fake’ once, even though I feel myself to be the least shallow person usually, I think it has to do more so with my new flirting skills (I was not very flirtatious in the past) But now am beginning to explore it.”
Coming across as “fake” in your communication – regardless if it’s about sexual magnetism or personal magnetism usually has a reason for it.
It can mean your projection is void of sexual energy (or any overall dense energy).
It’s like you are saying something but whatever you are saying is not infused with any dense energy. It’s empty. Empty words, empty communication.
The other person doesn’t feel whatever you are trying to say. There’s little to no projection of energy.
Not just in your words, but also in your gaze, touch and other projection sources.
I’ve met people like this in the past. I remember a friend who was constantly asked if he was in some sort of theater group (or if he was an actor) due to his communication style that was filled with memorized scripts and routines… hence, empty of energy.
He wasn’t feeling what he was saying, he was simply saying it. There was no energy behind those words.
So even if he was from a theater group – he was not – he would have been a very BAD actor.
I’m sure you can recognize bad acting immediately.
You can spot the bad actors right away because there’s simply nothing there. They are saying all the lines, but they are empty lines.
But, if whatever that you are saying has energy behind it, you won’t come across as fake. You are feeling deeply whatever you are saying and everything is infused with energy.
Particularly in sexual magnetism this is crucially important. Everything that you say and do must be infused with sexual energy if you want to project this aura of sexuality around you.
If you notice any sexually magnetic individual there’s always something in the way they behave and communicate. There’s always a hint of sexual energy even in the least sexual situation possible.
We work specifically on this natural projection on the training Become a Sexual Man, where each projection source – your voice, your touch, your movement, etc – it’s trained to project sexual energy eliminating the sexual blocks that you may have projecting this energy externally.
With that said, regarding the original question, remember that but it may also be a fluke with that one particular person. Particularly if this only happened once. So no need to change everything based on one response, but be sure to keep it mind for the future.

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